Alder Creek Vineyard

Alder Creek is in Green Valley AVA at 500' elevation approximately 12 miles from the deep blue. The vineyard was planted to Pinot noir 7x3 spacing in 2003 on 420A, cane pruned. The vineyard was ripped with a winged ripper on the vine row to 24".

Alder Creek Vineyard typically has a cool climate. The 2005 season was cooler than the vineyard typically experiences, perhaps indicative of the coolest end of the scale for this location.

The soil pH ranged from 4.7 to 7.7, the highest pH reflected soil magnesium levels which are high enough in some areas for the soil to be considered magnesic (figure 2).

Most of the higher magnesium are below 24" which is deeper than the vineyard was ripped and should not be a problem for the vines.

T 7 0 7 . 4 8 4 . 8 0 2 6